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Immigration & Employment

Our Firm is well versed in many aspects of Immigration Law and is capable of meeting our clients individual needs. We specialize in the procurement of requisite permits which allow foreign nationals to immigrate, reside, engage in gainful employment and operate businesses in The Bahamas.

Our Attorney’s breadth of experience in such matters allow for the easy transition of any individual and/or investment consortium into The Bahamas’ economic structure and work force. Our Firm seeks to ease the application process as well as the contractual obligations by all residents, aspiring resident immigrants, expatriate employee(s) and employer(s).

Dupuch & Turnquest & Co. also specializes in strategically planning and resolving all employment related matters. Our legal practice in this field concentrates in proactively seeking to plan and assist its clients in avoiding potential regulatory conflicts. Our Attorney’s work together with their clients in rectifying all issues relating to conventional and non-conventional compensatory relationships across the scope of industries and professions based here in The Bahamas.