Establishment of an International Business Company

Due to recent Legislation passed in the Bahamas, we are now able to offer to our Non-Bahamian Clients the advantage of the above companies at a moderate cost.

These Companies have the following abilities/advantages:-

  1. The Company has the ability to trade in any country or currency other than the Bahamas, except that it can maintain accounts and its administrative office here;
  2. There is no reporting to any agency of the Company’s ownership or activities.  Therefore, complete anonymity can be provided;
  3. The Company is guaranteed freedom from taxation for twenty (20) years;
  4. Exchange Control Regulations do not apply to any transaction between Shareholders;
  5. Two (2) persons instead of five (5) are required as Incorporators and Shares are transferable at will;
  6. Directors and Shareholders’ Meetings may be held by telephone or other means;
  7. The Company is empowered, inter alia, to issue Registered Shares, Shares bearing varied rights, options, warrants ands securities;
  8. The Company may purchase, redeem or otherwise acquire its own shares;
  9. Annual reporting of the Directors of the Company to the Registrar General is required;
  10. The cost of Incorporation and attendant expenses amount to One Thousand Eight Hundred ($1,800.00) Dollars.  Annual charges to 1st January are pro-rated on Incorporation;
  11. The annual License Fee payable to the Bahamas Government is calculated on the amount of capitalization and par value of Shares but for most companies would not exceed Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($350.00).  The annual Retainer payable to ourselves as Registered Agent/Office is Six Hundred Dollars ($600.00) per annum. This would be payable upon incorporation and by 1st January of each following year to which the firm is not responsible for notification of the same and which expense and added penalties and fees remain the shareholders and/or directors obligation;
  12. In the event we provide Offices and Directors for your convenience and ease of conducting corporate matters, there would be an additional annual fee payable in the amount of Six Hundred ($600.00) Dollars per Director.