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Establishment of an International Business Company

Due to recent Legislation passed in the Bahamas, we are now able to offer to our Non-Bahamian Clients the advantage of the above companies at a moderate cost. These Companies have the following abilities/advantages:- The Company has the ability to trade in any country or currency other than the Bahamas, except that it can maintain accounts and its administrative office here; There is no reporting to any agency of the Company’s ownership or activities.  Therefore, complete anonymity can be provided; The Company is guaranteed freedom from taxation for twenty (20) years; Exchange Control Regulations do not apply to any transaction between Shareholders; Two (2) persons instead of five (5) are required as Incorporators and Shares are transferable at will; Directors and Shareholders’ Meetings may be held by telephone or other means; The Company is empowered, inter alia, to issue Registered Shares, Shares bearing varied rights, options, warrants ands securities; The Company may purchase, redeem or otherwise acquire its own shares; Annual reporting of the Directors of the Company to the Registrar General is required; The cost of Incorporation and attendant expenses amount to One Thousand Eight Hundred ($1,800.00) Dollars.  Annual charges to 1st January are pro-rated on Incorporation; The annual… Read More »Establishment of an International Business Company